Risto Pelivanov

Founder & Chairman

My philosophy is simple – do one thing and do it right. Committing 100% to my work is something I ask from all my colleagues and our reward is multiple of that value.

“I’ve spent a lot of time behind a styling chair, and opened several salons and spas, Thousands of my hard-earned dollars went to equipment, only to have my clients complain of uncomfortable shampoo bowls, unstable styling chairs or hard massage beds. What’s more, the equipment was constantly breaking down. I had to return to London, where my career as a stylist began, to find a product that met my strict standards. REM Salon equipment is made in Britain (not China). Now, it is my pleasure to bring REM to the U.S. market. Its quality, luxury, integrity and green practices are second to none. All furniture and fittings are produced in-house at the REM factory in Nelson, Lancashire, and come with a three-year guarantee. REM provides quality service that ensures a safe and healthy workplace for its employees and minimizes its potential impact on the environment. Once you try REM products, you won’t go back.”

What We Do

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Planning Your Space

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Delivering the Solutions

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What Our Customers Say

“My day is usually quite hectic. Before I used other shops and  I had to juggle all that various shops to find the right product.
REM North America helped me to find exactly what I needed every time I visited.”

About Us

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Our Mission

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Our Offer

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